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延期公告 | NEPCON China 2022 移师至苏州举办!

五月 13, 2022 | Sky News
延期公告 | NEPCON China 2022 移师至苏州举办!


暨微电子工业展(NEPCON China 2022)”





鉴于上海疫情防控形势依然复杂、严峻,并且多个会展场馆已临时改建为“方舱医院”。为切实保障广大参展商、观众、员工及合作伙伴的生命安全和身体健康,经主办方审慎评估,由中国国际贸易促进委员会电子信息行业分会和励展博览集团主办的“第三十一届中国国际电子生产设备暨微电子工业展(NEPCON China 2022)”将再次延期至2022年7月21-23日并移师至苏州国际博览中心举办。

这是个艰难的抉择!但我们仍然希望尽最大努力保障展商及买家建立线下沟通的宝贵机会。目前,苏州疫情防控形势总体趋于稳定,作为电子制造、半导体企业集聚的重要基地,正在加速建设电子信息产业创新集群。NEPCON China 2022致力于将最新的PCBA技术趋势与先进封装测试技术融合一站式呈现,我们相信,这将是具有非凡意义的一届电子制造行业盛会。











谷冰蓉 女士

电话 :86-21-22317010

邮箱 :julia.gu@rxglobal.com

程安然 女士

电话 :86-10-68200642

邮箱 :chenganran@ccpitecc.com



孙梅 女士

电话 :400 650 5611

邮箱 :mei.sun@rxglobal.com



杨笑菊 女士

电话 :86-21-22317112

邮箱 :autumn.yang@rxglobal.com


Notice on Postponement of NEPCON China 2022 and Relocation to Suzhou International Expo Centre


Dear exhibitors, visitors and partners,


Given that the epidemic situation of Shanghai remains complex and grim, and several convention & exhibition venues have been rebuilt into temporary hospitals, to keep you safe and healthy, upon prudential assessment by the hosts, NEPCON China 2022, hosted by the CCPIT Electronics & Information Industry Sub-council and RX (Reed Exhibitions), will be further postponed till July 21-23, 2022 and relocated to the Suzhou International Expo Centre.

This is a tough choice! But we will still try our best to facilitate face-to-face communication between exhibitors and buyers. Now the overall epidemic situation of Suzhou is stable. As an important electronic and semiconductor manufacturing base, Suzhou is accelerating the construction of an electronic information industry innovation cluster. NEPCON China 2022 aims to present the latest technical trends of PCBA and advanced packaging & testing technologies. We believe this will be an extraordinary electronic manufacturing event.

We apologize for any inconvenience that the postponement may cause. We will pay close attention to COVID-19 prevention and control, maintain communication with government departments and venues, and go all out for the work concerning the postponement of the exhibition and its relocation to the Suzhou International Expo Centre. Due to the relocation, we will create the most convenient transportation and provide free matching services for buyers from other provinces and municipalities. Please follow the official WeChat account of NEPCON during the postponement period, to get updates on purchase demand or participate in "Online Match-making Meeting". For more information, please feel free to contact us.

July will see a promising city of Suzhou with full potential! Thanks again for your support and encouragement to NEPCON. May the epidemic end soon! Wish you and your family safe and sound! Look forward to meeting you as soon as possible!



CCPIT Electronics & Information Industry Sub-council

RX (ReedExhibitions)

May 13, 2022



For exhibitor enquiry, please contact:

Ms. Julia Gu

Tel  :86-21-22317010

Email  :julia.gu@rxglobal.com

Ms. Anne Cheng

Tel  :86-10-68200642

Email  :chenganran@ccpitecc.com


For visitor enquiry, please contact:

Ms. Summer Sun

Tel  :400 650 5611

Email :mei.sun@rxglobal.com


For media enquiry, please contact:

Ms. Autumn Yang 

Tel :86-21-22317112

Email  :autumn.yang@rxglobal.com


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